I am currently not offering workshops. If you're looking for training I have a book that will cover everything you need to know for how to shoot the Milky Way, and video tutorials that cover my entire editing workflow.


I offer live online training where you can watch me as I work through editing a photo and answer any of your questions. I can even work through one of your photos if you'd like. We can discuss anything from the basics to advanced features of Lightroom and Photoshop, and any technique of mine that you're interested in learning. I recommend starting with my video tutorials first, but this is a great way to get personal attention to all your questions! We will use an online screen sharing service to talk and you will be able to see my screen as I work. Click here to schedule your class!


I have attended many workshops and have had a variety of experiences. I will remember Adam’s as one of the best. He delivers instruction and guidance in an informative and encouraging manner. He has a demeanor, whether natural or cultivated, that serves him well and makes him an outstanding instructor and workshop leader. I enjoyed every aspect of the time spent at the workshop. Thank you, thank you!

Bruce Blaylock
Salem, VA

I participated in my first Adam Woodworth workshop in 2016. I was wet behind the ears but learned a lot. Three years later, I returned for a second workshop, hopefully with some additional experience. It was thoroughly enjoyable and reinforced my strident belief that there are a number of photographers out there who provide astrophotography workshops, but there are not that many who truly know what they are doing and combine it with the passion of the night. Adam's workshop was awesome, and I look forward to joining him for a future workshop. If you are thinking about signing up for a workshop, don't delay, because that spot won't last long.

Rob Hazzard
Cincinnati, OH

Adam's workshop was one of the best workshops I've participated in. The 1st night in the dark I was all thumbs and headlamp. But with Adam's guidance, the 2nd night I was confident with my camera settings and technique in the dark. Adam explains the process fully, is patient and very helpful with each participant in the workshop. Two thumbs up for anyone who wants to learn night sky photography.

Sharon Cummings

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learned a huge amount about my camera, astrophotography, and post processing. Adam is super knowledgable and patient with beginners as well as being able to go deep into the details with more experienced photographers. He’s willing to spend as much time as you need to answer all of your questions and provide you with the skills required to get amazing night time results. Highly recommended.

Don Seymour
Stonington, Maine

There are not enough good things to say about Adam and how hard he worked during our workshop. He went over and above to make everyone feel welcome and capable.
Adam Woodworth is an excellent instructor. He knows his subject very well and proceeds with patience and enthusiasm. What a privilege it was to meet him and photograph at his iconic sites.

Margaret M.

Adam’s workshop in beautiful Lubec, ME was perfect. The pace was relaxed and each session provided the opportunity to learn and take my skills and workflow to the next level. The live editing demonstrations provide me with a deeper understanding of the links between LR-Stacker-PS; and, we also learned the “why” of various methods of editing. I also have Adam’s video’s to help reinforce the workshop lessons! This was a great experience and I recommend both the workshop and video’s with confidence.

Carol L.
Yulee, Florida

If you’re considering one of Adam’s workshop, sign up! I thoroughly enjoyed the Bold Coast of Maine workshop and look forward to the opportunity to attend another. The shooting locations were incredibly beautiful and the class size promoted participation and exchanges of experiences and techniques. Adam’s expertise and teaching style are very effective, his enthusiasm for his work exemplary. I left feeling encouraged to continue my efforts in astrophotography.

Sharen Montgomery
Palmyra, VA


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