These small group workshops are a great way to experience the night sky! The small size allows for lots of personal attention.


May 26 - June 2
7 Nights

Only 3 Spots Left!

Bold Coast of Maine

Jul 28 - Jul 31
Aug 2 - Aug 5
Aug 25 - Aug 28
Aug 30 - Sep 2
3 Nights Each

Spots Available For All Dates


Private 1-on-1 or small group workshops are also available! For workshops in the Lubec, Maine, area the price is $500 per person per night, and includes 2 hours of photo editing instruction per day in addition to going out to shoot. Prices are higher for other locations, and the workshop can be tailored to your personal needs! Please contact me to discuss your workshop!


I offer live online training where you can watch me as I work through editing a photo and answer any of your questions. I can even work through one of your photos if you'd like. We can discuss anything from the basics to advanced features of Lightroom and Photoshop, and any technique of mine that you're interested in learning. I recommend starting with my video tutorials first, but this is a great way to get personal attention to all your questions! We will use an online screen sharing service to talk and you will be able to see my screen as I work. Click here to schedule your class!


Are you ready to take your photography to the extreme next level? Join me for 14 days of intense workshops spread out over 2 (or more) workshops within 6 months, plus personalized live online training for 6 months. Click here to learn more!