Learn How to Edit Milky Way Photos!

Learn techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop for getting low noise images that really come to life!

My video tutorials will walk you through my editing workflow and creative techniques!


New Video Tutorial!

Exposure Blending for Landscape Astrophotography

Watch the Preview Below!

Techniques You Will Learn

Pinpoint stars

White balance the sky

Dramatic creative edits

Noise reduction

Blending exposures

And much more!




PhotoPills Training Recorded Webinar

This recorded webinar covers how to use the PhotoPills app to plan sun, moon, and Milky Way photos.

It covers using the planner tool in detail, and includes a demo of augmented reality.

Available as a digital download.


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Bringing Out the Details Recorded Webinar

This recorded webinar covers how to bring out the details in night sky photos using tools in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Available as a digital download.


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Many blending tutorials present a one-size-fits-all model. But anyone who has attempted blending more than twice knows that is not true. Adam’s tutorial shows characteristics of blending challenges, then provides the proper tools for making a blend work perfectly. This tutorial is far superior to any I have seen.

Bruce Blaylock
Salem, VA

When jumping into astrophotography for the first time it was somewhat intimidating and frustrating. I quickly realized that learning, understanding and sticking with a solid foundation for this type of art was a MUST. I searched many resources, but found Adam’s tutorials were by far the best and easiest to learn from.

Todd Walker
Sauquoit, NY

Adam's video tutorials are extremely clear, concise & covers techniques necessary to make your astrophotography images stand out. The videos are perfect for every skill level due to the excellent easy to follow instruction and demonstration.

Kathy C
Eagle, CO

The techniques for capturing the Milky Way are not terribly difficult to master. However, a novice astrophotographer quickly learns that the secret sauce is in the editing techniques. Adam's video tutorials have helped advance my Milky Way processing from flat and basically vanilla to well blended images with greater color, texture, and depth. The cost/benefit ratio of Adam's tutorials is outstanding.

Rick Williams
Southington, CT

Adam’s videos are comprehensive and easy to follow. They’ve helped me improve my milky way processing to a level I never expected to achieve.

Genevieve Arseneau
Boston, MA


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