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Landscape Astrophotography Editing Workflow

Exposure Blending for Landscape Astrophotography

Creative Edits Vol 1

Creative Edits Vol 2: Making the Milky Way Pop

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Star Stacking

Exposure Blending

Noise Reduction

Hot Pixel Removal

Creative Edits



The Master Class Now Contains My Brand New Video Series:

Exposure Blending for Landscape Astrophotography



  • Camera settings
  • Workflow basics
  • White balancing a night sky with airglow
  • Sharpening foreground images
  • Lens corrections
  • Star stacking manually in Photoshop (Mac and Windows) vs the more automated way with Starry Landscape Stacker (Mac Only)
  • Dodging and burning with luminosity painting
  • Preventing blown out stars when adjusting sky contrast
  • Basic exposure blending
  • Creating fine tuned masks for complex exposure blends
  • Detailed examples of Select & Mask in Photoshop
  • Combining two masks for a complete horizon mask
  • Creating consistent noise texture across the image
  • Focus stacking with Helicon Focus
  • Removing hot pixels in Photoshop
  • Calculation shutter speeds for the sky and foreground
  • Basic & Advanced Creative Editing Techniques


Learn how to use advanced masking tools to create seamless blends for complex horizon blends with trees.



In this example of a field of lupines you will learn how I used Helicon Focus, a dedicated focus stacking tool, to create an image with the entire field of lupines in focus.



Learn various creative editing techniques in Photoshop to really bring your Milky Way photos to life!



Editing Workflow Chapters

  1. Camera settings and workflow review
  2. Raw image preparation in Lightroom
  3. Star stacking for pinpoint stars and lower noise
  4. Exposure blending in Photoshop
  5. Noise reduction with Nik Dfine
  6. Creative editing in Photoshop

Exposure Blending Chapters

  1. Review of star stacking and foreground exposure techniques
  2. Review of some basic Photoshop techniques
  3. Example 1 - Basic blend and pond reflection
  4. Example 2 - Introducing Select & Mask
  5. Example 3 - Advanced Select & Mask
  6. Example 4 - Controlling manual blends with selections
  7. Example 5 - Bright ambient foreground at a Lighthouse
  8. Example 6 - Complex focus stacking a field of lupines with Helicon Focus

Creative Edits Vols 1 & 2 Chapters

  1. Start to Finish Workflow on a Single Shot Image
  2. Basic and Advanced Edits
  3. Using Adobe Camera Raw for Creative Edits as a Smart Filter
  4. Blending Modes Explained
  5. Additional Milky Way Examples
  6. Northern Lights Example


  • Purchasing gives you a link to download the videos in a ZIP file.
  • 1080p HD (1920x1080 resolution) for most videos (Creative Edits Vol 1 is 720p)
  • MP4 format compatible with most video players
  • Total size is approximately 6.5 GB
  • Runtime: About 7 HOURS of training!
  • The video is narrated in English.

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  • Landscape Astrophotography Editing Workflow
  • Exposure Blending for Landscape Astrophotography
  • Creative Edits Vol 1
  • Creative Edits Vol 2: Making The Milky Way Pop

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