Landscape Photography & Astrophotography: Planning & Post-Processing Class


Join professional photographer Adam Woodworth in Bar Harbor, Maine, just outside of Acadia National Park, for a 2 day intensive indoor class on planning and post-processing for landscape photography & astrophotography! We will cover gear, camera settings, planning your shots, weather forecasting, and post-processing with Lightroom and Photoshop. Particular attention will be given to using a proper editing environment for achieving consistent results with editing and printing.


Bar Harbor, Maine
Next to Acadia National Park


April 14-15 (Sat-Sun)
August 2-3 (Thu-Fri)


Max 10 Students



Indoor Classroom Workshop

Through the years I’ve had requests for more intensive post-processing workshops, so this workshop is inspired by that! This is an entirely indoor classroom based workshop focused on landscape photography/astrophotography planning and post-processing. I will not be holding outdoor instruction in Acadia as part of this workshop, but I encourage you to go out and shoot! I highly recommend staying in the area more than 2 days if you can to maximize your chance for favorable weather. These classes are scheduled during the time when the moon will either rise after the Milky Way is visible or not rise until the morning, giving time for shooting the Milky Way.
Class will be held from 10am – 6pm each day, with breaks and a catered lunch. The classroom is at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel.
Howie Motenko of Acadia Photo Safari will be offering Milky Way workshops in Acadia National Park (right next door to Bar Harbor) as an extension of this class. This is optional and available at $150 per person per night, limited to 6 people per night, offered on the same nights as this class. More information about Howie’s workshop is available here.
NOTE: Lightroom Classic CC will be used in this course, NOT the new Lightroom CC product that is a simplified photo management tool. Note the slight difference in name, “Classic” is the one you want. We will also be using Photoshop CC. You should have both installed on your laptop that you bring to this course. Please contact me if you have any confusion about this.

Dates Available

I am offering two dates for this class:

April 14 – 15 (Saturday & Sunday):

  • Ocean Drive is perfect in April for photographing the Milky Way! April is a much quieter time in Acadia, but also much colder! We could still have iced over lakes and snow depending on the weather.
  • Milky Way: Visible before 1am, no moon at night. Keep in mind that class starts at 10am.
  • Heads Up: Some roads will remain closed until April 15th – Ocean Drive along the east coast that takes you to Sand Beach, Monument Cove, Thunder Hole, Boulder Beach, and Otter Cliffs is open all year. The road to Jordan Pond is open all year. All of the roads that are closed during the winter in Acadia National Park (including the road up Cadillac Mountain) are scheduled to be opened on Sunday, April 15th, weather pending.

August 2 – 3 (Thursday & Friday):

  • The Milky Way will be best from places that face the south and west, such as Sand Beach, Otter Cliffs, Eagle Lake, and Hunter’s Beach.
  • Milky Way: Visible before 10pm, moon rises at 10:58pm on Thursday, and 11:27pm on Friday.
  • Heads Up: August is one of the busiest months in the park and the coast will likely have a number of other photographers out shooting the stars.

Topics Covered & Class Schedule

Classes will start at 10am and end by 6pm. This late morning start gives a little extra time for sleep if you go out the night before to photograph the Milky Way. Lunch will be catered and we can chat during lunch. We will take short breaks throughout each day.

Day 1:

  • Gear – Cameras, Lenses, and Panorama Equipment
  • ISO Invariance – When ISO Sometimes Doesn’t Matter & Why
  • Camera Settings – Get the Most Out of Your Histogram and JPEG Previews
  • Exposure Settings & Shooting the Milky Way
  • Planning – Using PhotoPills to Plan Your Shots
    • Planning sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset shots
    • Planning Milky Way shots including panoramas
  • Crash Course on Weather Forecasting
    • Forecasting a good sunrise or sunset
    • Forecasting sea smoke
    • Forecasting mist over lakes, rivers, and valleys
  • The Importance of a Good Computer Display
  • Calibrating Computer Displays
  • Calibrating Cameras
  • Lightroom – Intro & Using Develop Tools
  • Editing Examples in Lightroom

Day 2:

  • Photoshop
    • Layers
    • Masks
    • Luminosity Masks
    • Editing Examples
  • Complete Milky Way Workflow Example
    • RAW Image Prep
    • Star Stacking
    • Blending Exposures & Focus Stacking
    • Creative Edits
  • Exporting JPEG files for Web Usage
  • Prints – Printing Yourself & Print Labs 

Milky Way Photo Opportunities

While I will not be holding any outdoor training during this workshop, the classes are scheduled during the time when the moon will either rise after the Milky Way is visible or not rise until the morning, giving time for photographing the Milky Way with dark skies, weather pending. Just remember that class starts at 10am each day! I recommend staying a few days in Acadia so you have more than just a couple nights to shoot.

What You Need to Bring

You will need your laptop loaded up with recent versions of Lightroom and Photoshop, and your image files to work on. I will also provide some files that you can edit and follow along with me. You should also bring your camera equipment to go out and shoot in Acadia! Please see the required and recommended equipment lists on my other workshops page.

What’s Included

Indoor classroom training, catered lunch during the indoor class.

What’s Not Included

Travel, lodging, and all other expenses are NOT included in the workshop price. You are responsible for these expenses. This workshop also does not include any outdoor photography training but I encourage you to go out and shoot!

Class Location

The class will be held at the Events Center at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel in Bar Harbor, Maine.


There is a block of rooms with a discount available at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel, when you book the class you will be given the discount code. However you should feel free to stay wherever you like.
Note that in April many of the hotels in Bar Harbor will still be closed for the season, but there should be ample rooms available, and Airbnb will likely have some options.
Discounted rates at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel for this class:
  • April 14 – 15: $134 per night not including 9% tax.
  • August 2 – 3: $296 per night not including 9% tax.
  • All rooms have 2 queen beds, you will have your own room and you are welcome to bring your significant other or friend to share the room.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your spot on the class I will refund you the cost of the class minus a $100 cancellation fee (so a refund of $395).
In the event that circumstances beyond my control force me to cancel the workshop completely, there will be 100% full refunds given. But Adam Woodworth Photography, LLC, is not responsible for any non-refundable airline tickets, lodging, car rentals, or other travel fees that you may have purchased before the cancellation of the workshop. I strongly consider getting refundable airline tickets and travel insurance to cover such losses in the event of a workshop cancellation and you decide not to go on your planned trip.

Weather Policy

Night photography depends on clear skies, but sadly that is beyond my control! I cannot offer refunds if the weather prevents you from seeing the stars at all as the fee for this workshop only covers the indoor class and is held rain or shine, but I can tell you that you will come away with lots of knowledge for shooting and editing images!

Tuition & Sign-Up

The price is $495 per person attending the class. To sign-up for this class please purchase your spot at the top of this page using the drop-down list to pick your date and then click the “Add to Cart” button and continue through the checkout. Full payment is required to secure your spot. After purchasing your spot you will receive an email from me within 24 hours with your discount code for the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel.