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Grafton Notch, Maine

I spent a couple hours photographing at Screw Auger Falls on Friday night, working towards getting this shot figured out.  It was very very dark and I tried a few light painting techniques but I didn't like the way it was looking, so ultimately I did a 20 minute exposure for the foreground at ISO 1600.  The sky is ISO 3200 for 25 seconds.  I needed a way to keep the lens from fogging over during the long exposure, so I wrapped a wool sock around the lens barrel with chemical hand warmers in the sock to keep the lens warm, using gaff tape (something I have from my days a filmmaker) wrapped on top of the sock to keep it on the lens.

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Ever tried to take a photo at night and all you get in your foreground is dark noise?

Learn why you need separate exposures for the sky and foreground to get the best detail.

Having issues with fog on your lens at night?

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For example:

In this photo I had to use a 20 minute foreground exposure to get good detail in the gorge with low noise. I could have used light painting but it was a nightmare of glare on wet rocks and harsh shadows. Learn why I prefer ambient light and use long exposures.

I also had an issue with my lens fogging up so I took out some chemical hand warmers, put them in a sock, and wrapped it around the lens. It worked, but in my ebook you'll learn why I use electric lens heaters and the make and model of a good, inexpensive heater and battery!

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