Review of Custom USB Flash Drives from USB Memory Direct

A little while ago I was contacted by USB Memory Direct about receiving a batch of free USB drives to give out to my workshop clients. Naturally I wasn’t going to turn down free USB drives, they are extremely handy for backing up photos while on a trip. And they offer custom printed logos/text on just about any case type you can think of. There’s business card style cases where you can place a good size logo and text, and tiny drives like the ones I opted for. I always find it difficult to plug a big bulky thing into a USB port, so I went for the slim drives that would not get in the way and plug into a USB port in just about any situation.

The big question was, would the drives be of good quality?

So far the answer seems to be yes. I’ve used a few since receiving them, and the write speeds are good for USB 2.0 drives, and the drives seem sturdy. The ones I picked out are actually made of a metal case. And the text printed on the case is sharp and looks professional.

Check them out if you’re looking for Custom Printed USB Drives.

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