New Video Tutorial! Making The Milky Way Pop!

I’m very excited to announce the release of my new video tutorial!
This new video course builds on my previous Creative Edits Volume 1 video by using advanced techniques in Photoshop to really make the Milky Way pop and glow. This video course assumes a working knowledge of Photoshop but should be useful for people of any skill level.
Here’s a preview of what’s included:
Topics include:
  • Creative editing examples with 3 images in Photoshop
  • An explanation of the blend modes we’ll use
  • Using levels adjustments in Photoshop
  • Using levels with blend modes
  • Using orton effects to create glow
  • Using Adobe Camera Raw as a smart filter in Photoshop
  • Advanced masking techniques to control edits
  • Protecting the stars from getting lost or blown out in the edits
The runtime for this new video course is 52 minutes spread across 5 video chapters.
You can learn more about the video at the following link:
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