Milky Way and Jupiter Ocean Reflection

Milky Way and Jupiter

Another beautiful night on the coast of Maine, with the glow of the Milky Way and Jupiter reflecting in the ocean. Saturn is also visible, to the upper-left of Jupiter.

Nikon Z 7, Mount Adapter FTZ, NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8 lens @ 14mm, f/2.8.

Sky: Star stack of 20 exposures at ISO 6400 and 10 seconds. Stacked in the new version of Starry Landscape Stacker that supports raw files, making the workflow a bit easier. For Windows users, Sequator does the same thing.

Foreground: Two exposures each at ISO 1600 and 10 minutes, focus stacked. The foreground raw files were processed in Capture One Pro because Lightroom does not let you disable built-in lens profiles, which most mirrorless cameras have when using OEM lenses. This causes very bad warping artifacts, so the workaround I am now using is to use another raw editor to prep photos when I need to disable built-in lens profiles. Capture One allows you to do this, plus its automatic hot pixel removal is the best I’ve seen in a raw editor, and it even has a “Single Pixel” slider allowing you to remove most of the more stubborn hot pixels. Careful using it on star images, it can eat away at stars, but so far I only use it on my long exposure foregrounds where the sky is blurred and will be replaced anyways. Since I rely on Capture One now for hot pixel removal in foreground shots I don’t bother with Long Exposure Noise Reduction, which cuts the capture time in half.

The foreground images and star stacked sky result image were blended in Photoshop to create the final image, with edits applied to bring out colors and details as usual. All shots in the same place on the same night without moving the camera.

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