Gallery Shows and Presentation in Maine this Summer!

A foggy night at West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Maine. The light beams are created by the window frames in the lighthouse that break up the very intense directional light from the fresnel lens. This can be seen with the naked eye, it’s just not as intense as the camera captures it. The light is a blinking light, which allows long exposures without the entire scene blowing out. Nikon Z7 with ZTF lens adapter and NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8 lens @ 14mm, f/5.6, ISO 200, for 2 minutes. With the fog reflecting so much of the light I was able to take a long exposure at 2 minutes and f/5.6 for greater depth of field and sharpness.

Mark your calendars! I have a few shows and a talk going on this summer in Maine, plus a resident spot at a brand new gallery!

My metal prints are now on display at Full Fathom Five Gallery in Eastport, Maine! Come visit this amazingly beautiful brand new gallery space! Lots of prints from Greg Gordon and Lisa Tyson Ennis are also on display. The prints will be there all summer!

July 20, 4pm-6pm: Artist’s Reception at Full Fathom Five Gallery in Eastport, Maine. Free and open to everyone!

July 25 – August 5: Photography show at Lubec Landmarks gallery in downtown Lubec, Maine

July 27, 5pm-7pm: Artist’s Reception at Lubec Landmarks. Free and open to everyone!

August 13, 5pm: I’ll be giving a presentation in Grand Lake Stream, Maine, at the Grand Lake Stream School Building, followed by a walk around the town and river. Free and open to everyone! More information here!

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