Lean Forward to Stand Up Straight in Your Wide Angle Selfies

Have you ever taken a self portrait with a wide angle lens and noticed that due to the lens distortion it looks like you’re leaning forwards or backwards? This is most noticeable when you tilt the camera up or down, exaggerating the distortion.

You can often do a little trick to appear to be standing up straight (or sitting up straight) in such situations. Simply lean the opposite way from the distortion! If you’re tilting your camera down and you appear to be leaning backwards, then lean forwards, and vice versa!

In the shot above I had my camera tilted downwards to capture more of the foreground. I was shooting at 24mm and the wide angle distorition made it look like I was leaning backwards, even though I was standing up straight. So to compensate for that I had to lean forwards which made it look like I was standing up straight in the shot!

Below is what it looked like when I was actually standing up straight.

Notice how it looks like I’m leaning backwards? That’s often what happens when you tilt a wide angle lens downwards. So next time try leaning to stand up straight in your wide angle selfies!

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