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Milky Way Over Head Harbor LighthouseCampobello Island, New Brunswick, CanadaOverlooking the Bay of Fundy at the tip of Campobello Island (next to the end of the coast of Maine) is the East Quoddy Lighthouse, which is often called the Head Harbor Lighthouse. This is a constant on red light, which is why the foreground is bathed in red.So this isn’t a particularly amazing composition, but it’s the best I came up with during the very short amount of time I had before sunrise. Shooting the Milky Way at this location (at least for the way I had in mind) requires many conditions to align: clear skies, the earth rotating far enough for the Milky Way to be very far into the west so it appears behind the lighthouse, low tide, and clam enough conditions to want to be out on the tip of this island. You can only reach this lighthouse at low tide, requiring walks across slippery rocks and up and down very steep and precarious stair cases. The tide comes in very fast in the Bay of Fundy (at this location 5 feet an hour is normal), so you really have to make sure you’re giving yourself enough time before the tide comes in too far, stranding yourself until the next low tide.

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