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Milky Way On The RocksHopewell RocksThe Rocks Provincial Park, Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick, CanadaWhile sitting in a cafe in Lubec, Maine, my friend was searching online and discovered Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick. Neither of us had heard of it before but we knew we had to go as soon as we saw the photos from there. The next day we were in Machias, Maine, after a night on the Cutler Coast, and after breakfast we headed up to Hopewell Rocks, about a 4 hour drive away (if you don’t stop).The Hopewell Rocks are at the top of the Bay of Fundy, and can see tide swings as much as 50 feet. They consist of dark sedimentary conglomerate and standstone rock. The tides are eroding the bottoms of the rocks faster than rain and wind erode the tops, giving them their top heavy shapes.

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