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The Red Glow of The Bold CoastCutler Coast, MaineWhile this is definitely one of the darkest sky places I’ve ever been, it does have one big drawback for night photography, and that is the Naval Computer & Telecommunication Station (NCTS) in Cutler, 7.5 miles to the southwest of where this photo was taken. The NCTS consists of 26 towers with antennas, the largest towers being nearly 1000 feet tall. Each tower has a red light on top that slowly blinks. With so many red lights so high in the air, they easily create a red glow for any long exposure photo taken at night looking towards the west.The NCTS was used by the US Navy as a radio transmission station for communicating with submarines, and went into operation in 1961. Uniformed Navy personnel left the base in 2000 and the site is undergoing conversion to civilian use. There are two giant antenna arrays covering an entire peninsula. The two arrays are needed so that during winter one array can deice while the other array operates until it is iced over too much and needs to deice. The goal being that by the time that happens the deicing array is ready for operation. Each array consists of 13 antenna towers and spans over a mile across.

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